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Mass Effect: A Great Rpg

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By gamejunkiekyle on
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Mass effect for the Xbox 360 is by far one of the best games of 2007. One thing that it does better than any other game is the story. It is so good and it allows the player to choose which direction he or she wants the main character to go. The dialouge is as brilliant as it is plentiful. You get to choose what your character says and how he reacts to other characters. It is truly done wonderfully.

The controls are great. When you are in combat, it is really easy to get used to the controls. It' works pretty much the same as any other first person shooter like Gears of War. It has a nice cover system and allows for easy weapon switching, as well as has an RPG twist to it by allowing you to upgrade and custimize the weapons you find and buy.

There are a couple minor problems Mass Effect has, but nothing huge. The item system has a flaw where you can only hold 100 items, and if you pick up another one, you have to discard it. the game doesn't give you the option of switching it out, you have to lose it. Also, the game can get pretty overwelming. When you first look at your world map your going to be so lost, you may not figure out what to do for an hour or two. A tutorial would have been nice.

Again, the story is wonderful and will have you playing non stop, right up untill the end. i was able to complete the game in about eighteen hours. Mass Effect is one of my favorite games on the Xbox 360 and any RPG fan will love it. It's about time for the Xbox 360 to have a good RPG game for it.