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Reviewing: Pressman Mastermind  |  Rating:
By mom2one on
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My review is on the classic strategy game, Mastermind. I am not such how long this has been around but I remember playing it with my dad when I was a kid.

Today, I am playing it with my own child. It is a two player game, the one person sets up a hidden code. The other player must guess which color of pegs the opponent has used and in the right order.

You only have ten moves to crack the code.

After each guess the person who made the code will give you clues if you have the right color of pegs, but wrong placement or if you have a right color of peg in the right placement. With each clue you can get closer and closer to cracking the code.

It is easy to learn and play but not so easy to win as it may sound. I like the game because it makes kids (and adults) think through things logically and develop strategies. It's a great mind game. It's not a simple shake the dice and move your guy forward. You have to think about your next move to try to break your opponent's code.

I enjoy turning the TV off and spending some great family quality time while playing this game. We also have some laughs while playing this game, especially when you are so close to figuring out the code and you just can't.

It is a fun game. It is recommended for 8 and up but my child has been playing it since he was 7 year old so it really depends on your child.

We really enjoy this family fun game and play it pretty often.