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Masters Of Horror Pick Me Up

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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2 killers cross paths in a deserted area while unlucky travelers are left stranded when their bus breaks down.

Who Acted Best In the Film?

The Truck Driver named Jim Wheeler whos one of the serial killers acted his part in the movie very well. As far as acting is concerned he really stole the show and made this movie movie much better to watch. I guess you could say hes a guy who talks like hes on his own planet and doesn't play with a full deck of cards. His character is definitely out there.

The Second Serial Killer:

The other serial killer who goes by the name of Walker is much younger and is a hitch hiker. His acting wasn't that impressive when compared to the truck driver but he was much younger and hasn't had time to perfect his craft.

The Differences Between the 2 Killers:

The movie went out of there way to make the killers opposite of one another. Example of this is ones s truck driver while the others a hitch-hiker, ones a Yankee while the others a Southerner, and one carries a gun while the other carries a knife. I could go further on the description but watch the movie to find out.

What do you get when 2 serial killers cross paths?

Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out its not a pretty sight but both of them are in store for a big surprise.

Whats the best part about the movie?

The ending as they saved the best for last. If you can appreciate a good horror movie you should like the ending.

What About the Other Actors and Actresses?

The acting wasn't good at all from the other people in the film. The acting of the others in the film from my perspective nothing good to remember and quite frankly were all duds. Thank goodness the story was better.


Theres nothing fancy about this movie as theres no special effects but still it is a very good horror movie. Its worth watching.