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Masters Of Horror Pelts

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Fur trader Jake Feldman(also known as the singer Meat Loaf) runs a fur trading business while trying to win the heart of a stripper.

A Description of the Fur Trader Jake Feldman:

He will do anyting to make a buck.

Hes a dirty old man.

He reminds me of some of my fathers trashy friends when I was a kid, lol.

Jake Feldmans Money Grubbing Ways:

Jake Feldman thinks hes found the right place for getting fur that will make him rich. The fur however seems to have a super-natural force that curses anybody who touches it. Jake seems to be so blind about whats going on around him due to his greed for money and perverted desires I think to my self this guy has serious problems but than again this is a movie.

The Gore:

This movie on some scenes were almost too much for me to bear and quite frankly was glad when those scenes were over. When a scene was going to get gross people would go into what I describe as a trance while mesmorizing music would play. Watch to find out but if your easily disturbed by gross stuff than don't watch it. I think it would have been better if they toned down on the gore somewhat.

My Thoughts of the Storyline.

I think the story it self was so far out of whack that it was stupid. Even though I feel that way about the story the scenes in the movie still had a creepy feeling to it which made it entertaining. This is 1 of the movies from the Masters of Horror Series which is a variety of horror movies presented by Showtime. I find them entertaining and I enjoy watching their series of movies I've seen overall.