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Math Play For Ds Lite

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One of the games that my husband downloaded from the internet for my kids' Nintendo DS Lite is this MATH PLAY by Natsume Inc. As a mother, I preferred my kids play games and at the same time learn from it. Math is one of the main subjects of our kids so we preferred games that will help my daughter who is now an incoming Grade 3 this school year 2009-2010. As what I've told my daughter, she needs speed and accuracy when it comes to Math and by constant practice she will be able to master it especially the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With this Math Play, it will develop her speed and accuracy on the four basic operations because it is time constrained.The game composes of four modes:

* Drill - in this mode the player will enjoy and be challenged in arithmetic by creating different equations on the numbers and symbols flash on the screen.

* Shuffle - the challenge here involves arranging of cards to create an equation and the player who use all the cards first wins.

* Match - in here the player needs to play a card or equation that matches the number of color discarded.

* Nine - the player must have the equation equals to 9 without going over wins in the match.

If you have kids who are in Kinder till Grade 6, this one is a must try game for them to master their four basic operations with speed and accuracy.