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Mathews Switchback Xt

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If you are looking for an accurate, quiet, and easy to manuever hunting or 3D bow, then the Switchback XT deserves a look. At a speed of 315 fps, it is quick enough to take down the most common big game animals including Deer, Elk, and Bear. Modeled after the previous Mathews Switchback, the Switchback XT offers the same accuracy with a shorter axle-to-axle bow, making it easier to carry through the woods and shoot from a treestand.

To reach the speeds up to 315 fps, the Switchback XT features a perimeter weighted StraightLine XT Cam with an intertia disk. The disk in the cam helps to dampen out some of the vibration after the shot, giving the Switchback XT no recoil upon release. Being a single cam bow means that setup is a breeze. Simply start initial setup by setting the centershot, ensuring that the idler wheel is tracking straight, and check cam rotation, brace height, and axle-to-axle. Single cam bows are known to draw smoother than dual cam bows. Cams are available for the Switchback XT to give draw lengths from 25"-30" in half inch sizes.

The limbs and riser on the Switchback XT are up to par with the industry standards that Mathews has always lived up to. The V-Lock limb cup system ensures equal pressure across the limb and this helps maintain shot consistency. Upon first glance, you will notice the parallel limb design on the Switchback XT. This technology was developed to give shorter axle-to-axle lengths and to decrease any forward "jump" after the shot. The recoil from the 2 limbs cancel each other out after release.

The Switchback XT offers many features that make it one of the smoothest bows around. With 7 harmonic dampers and 2 string suppressors, there is no felt vibration after the shot. The two large dampers in the riser help eliminate vibration in the riser after the shot by dissipating leftover bow energy. On the end of the limb tips, you will see the string suppressors. These help keep the string from going back forward past the initial brace height and help to dampen out string oscillations. Instead of using a cable slide, the Switchback XT uses the roller guard. Roller guards allow for a smoother draw and also cut down on some of the friction that the string encounters before and during the shot. The ball bearing idler wheel keeps the wheel spinning free. Standard on all Mathews bows, the walnut In-Line grip gives a comfortable feel and has a line running down the center of it. When you being your initial setup, you should align the rest with the center line in the grip as this is a good starting point for centershot.

The draw cycle on the Switchback XT is one of the smoothest around. Even at 70 lbs, it is a breeze to draw and a dream to shoot. During the draw cycle, the weight ramps up nicely before dropping down into a shallow valley and rock hard wall. Available in both 65% and 80% let-off, the shooter can choose what they prefer. Upon release, there is no vibration and you will be left there wondering if you have released it yet. At 4.25 lbs, it isn't the lightest of bows so this should be considered when making a purchase. The brace height of 7.5" helps give the bow the shootability that is demanded by all archers, including hunters.

In conclustion, the Switchback XT is one of the most sought after bows of all time. People who do not particularly care for Mathews bows have fallen in love with the Switchback XT. It is no speed demon, but speeds of 315 fps is a small price to pay for the easy of setup and shootability that the Switchback XT offers. Before making your next bow purchase, be sure and include the Switchback XT in your search. I doubt you will be disappointed.