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Max Payne Two

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Max Payne Two-The Fall Of Max Payne: a film noir love story- Max Payne is a fun game. It's one of those computer games that follows a story. The story is of a police officer who was once in love with a woman named Mona. Max thinks she is dead but he is mistaken. With this game you help Max Payne find the bad guys along the way you have to pick up things that help bring you back to full health. You'll also find weapons and clues to where the bad guys might be. According to the game, this computer game is rated M for mature because of intense violence, strong language, blood and some mature sexual themes. This is accurate as it is a game where you are constantly running into bad guys that you have to shoot.I put 4 for ratings of Content, Maturity Rating, and 3d/2d because I am not sure how to rate that. If you don't want you kids playing violent games then skip this one. Yes, it has sexual themes because of Max's relationship with Mona. Not sure how much of sexual stuff because I am not to far in it but I assume if the box says "mature sexual themes" then there will be so take that into account.

I like this game.