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Maxiglide Hair Straightener

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By abbyaw on
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Being an african american with long black natural hair I have to find ways to make styling my hair easier. All my life i have been wearing my curly hair out or braiding with my real hair or weave. But since last year I decided I wanted to do something different to my hair--I wanted to straighten it. On my journey to finding the right straightener I brought the cheapest to one of the most expensive irons. Most of the straighteners I bought were good but nothing got my hair pin staight the way I liked it like the maxiglade did. This Straightener is so different and amazing against other irons in the way that it has many plus features to it.One of my favorite things about it is that I can add water into the blue nozzle and it steams the hair making it hydrated, healthy and easier to manage. All you have to do is push the button and you control where you want the steam at. Though I worn you not to steam up at the scalp. The pins inside it help detangle your hair while straightening it and help make sure none of your hair is unkept and nappy. This straightener can also curl your hair very lovely with the wedges that are located outside it. The curls will stay and you can make either small or large curls with it. The last feature I love is that it give a controlled heat, meaning you cant play around with the temperatures. In the long run its good. Most people dont know what temperature they should straighten their hair at and end up over doing it like i did before. Its extemely bad to put your hair at excessive heat because it damages your hair and if you love your natural hair like I do, it can mess it up and alter your curl pattern and even worse, permanently straighten it.Also, if you striaghten it too much, like everyday, that can change the pattern too. It happened to a portion of my hair in the front when i didnt know how to correctly straighten hair. Now all I can do is let it grow out. Remember to not straighten hair more than once a week. It is wonderful that the heat is only made to be at a certain temperature. The clear serum and orange conditioner, if you buy it, help keep your hair protected from heat damage and prevents firizzes from occuring. My hair stays straight until the following week I wash it. I love only having to worry about my hair once a week and it only takes 25 minutes to do my hair. I love this stuff!