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Reviewing: Apple I Phone 8 Gb  |  Rating:
By witchirsh on
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Ok, so I'm not usually an early adopter. But this time, I just couldn't resist. The packaging was perfect and the idea behind the design...flawless. Did it live up to my expectations? It does everything I need and more, and it does it in a wonderfully intuitive way. I have used it to locate a restaurant for a last-minute dinner, figure out how to get to the restaurant, and use the phone number on their webpage to dial. It has become my primary calendar, ridding me of the wasteful (and bulky) paper day planner. It has helped me in my business as well - I loaded some of the music and stories that go with the books, attach it to a set of speakers, and played them during a convention I was at so customers could hear "the real thing". Cost-comparing? Couldn't be better! While at Costco, I wanted to see how much diapers were in "the real world", and it worked like a charm. And of course, I have pictures of my children stored so I can show them off! Who needs a portable photo album when I can use this and change photos at will? During long trips, I hook it up to my car stereo and I don't have to worry about the lack of radio reception or the disappointing music on the station - I can choose exactly what I would like to hear, even if that music includes lullabyes to put my baby to sleep. The best part is that I don't need to buy a new anything new every time an update comes out - I can simply hook it up to my computer, do a quick download, and be ready to go.

Potential negatives? Many people complain about the Edge network, but rarely do I need to access something faster - and then I use my notebook from home. I have had no problems using this, and it really speeds up around wi-fi hot spots, which are almost everywhere. I do wish it had the capability to add photos to text messages, but I hear that the next major update will fix that issue (not that I need to text in color much anyway). The battery life is not the best, but as long as I remember to hook it up to the charger at night, or the car charger while travelling, then that is not an issue.

Overall, I wouldn't trade my iPhone for anything. It has helped me to become more organized, enjoy better family time (the last-minute reservations for a quiet dinner with my husband), and reduce the size of my purse! I still carry my ipod, day planner, and cell phone, but rather than 3 gadgets, I can now do everything I need with just one small and beautiful device.