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Maximum Ride Book Series

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My parents are always generous with their money when they are buying me books, because there is not much I like to read, but I have become a real James Patterson freak, and it all started with the Maximum Ride books. The Maximum ride books are the stories of five kids who refer to themselves as a flock. Their names are Max, Fang, Angel, Gazzy (Gasman), Nudge, and Iggy. These are normal children except for one thing, they are human-avian hybrids, and they have wings. The flock grew up at a place that they refer to as "The School." The people working at The School are know as "The Whitecoats." The flock are not the only kids at the School. Other kids are being mutated and animals are being mutated too. The flock escapes thanks to a Whitecoat named Jeb, who is one of the main characters in all of the Maximum Ride books. Jeb disapears and leaves the flock to fend for themselves. For a while the flock is ok, and they go on living their lives in their hideour in Colorado, but then they are attacked by a group of Erasers, which are a kind of human/wolf/beast. They are chased across the country and they have to make it on their own. Max naturally becomes the leader of the group being the oldest. Along the way they meet new enemies like Ari, one of the Erasers, and the Flyboys. They also all start to develop new powers, like Angel can control minds and breathe underwater. Max develops a voice in her head, she doesn't know who it is or what it is coming from, the voice informs her that she is meant to save the world. All of the books are amazing, and they are very realistic and Patterson captures the true essence of a teenager, and leads the flock through many struggles as they progress. There are four books, Maximum Ride:The Angel Experiment, Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever, Maximum Ride:Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, and Maximum Ride:The Final Warning. A new book entitled "Max" will be coming out in March. All of the book are captivating and impossible to put down, I recommend them for all ages. These books will not dissappoint you. Enjoy!