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Max Seal Pet Door

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When we got our dog, I was thinking we would just let her outside when we got home. She did not like that idea though:0) So, after crate training her, we decided to put in a doggy door for her so that she could go in and out at her leisure.

Now, nothing in life can be easy. Our back door has glass panels almost to the floor so we could not put a regular doggy door in. I surfed the web for days, determined to find a solution. After looking at too many sites to count and enough doggy doors to consider myself an expert, I found it...the perfect doggy door!

MaxSeal comes in many sizes and colors. However, if you are picky, like me, you can even custom order your door to be the exact height and width you want! How great is that? It also comes with one or two flaps. We got two thinking the more the better, right? Well, the inside flap just stays folded up because even after 2 years she refuses to go through double doggy flaps. And let me tell you, one flap is perfectly fine at keeping the cold and heat out so save yourself a little money and just get one flap.

You also can get the door to open up or to the side. Another wonderful feature is that it comes with a panel to lock in place for when you are gone on vacation. This too has options:0) You can choose to have it slide in from either side or from the top.

Now while all the above is great, the feature that sold ME on this door was the ease at instillation:0) It is rated the easiest on several websites. And truely, it was really not hard. It just took and hour or so. The part that goes through the wall is one piece and then the frame inside and out attaches. It even comes with a piece of carpeting to put inside so the dog doesn't track in as much dirt.