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May Pulling? Looks Like Another Grindfest.

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MapleStory is a mixed MMORPG with many, many ups and downs. It is developed by Nexon Inc., a rising online gaming company with an ever-growing userbase. MapleStory is among the most popular free MMORPGs today. The following will detail two of the main flaws, and two of the redeeming qualities.

1. Graphics -- The game is pure eyecandy, as long as one has the required system requirements, and can run the game fine. The game is sprite based, so you have a dynamic sprite, and monsters are animated in this way. The game is a 2D sidescroller, and the background gives the "feeling" of being in a 3D world, but only slightly. However, being 2D does not necessarily mean that it's bad. The game mechanics just work this way the best.

2. Social interaction -- Like most MMORPGs, this one requires you to socially interact to reach your ultimate goal: success. However, the way that this MMO executes this requirement is very unique in the way that it utilizes quests and parties. One: quests requiring monster kills can be finished in half the time or less if you have a party with you; one kill by another member adds to your count. 2: Party quests, which involve interaction with a party and its leader, can often result in great prizes. These quests also contribute to the flow of the economy. 3. Guilds and buddy lists allow users to connect with one another, even if they're not near each other.

1. Tedium -- Of all MMORPGs, Maplestory is possibly one of the most tedious ones to be successful in. Once one reaches a certain level, each level after it requires more and more experience to bring the user to the next, causing massive tedium from the repetitive killing of monsters. This is colloquially called "grinding."

2. Cost?! I thought it was free! -- Oh yes, it is free. In principle, the whole game is free. All content is free. BUT. Special bonuses? Not open to EVERYONE? The game puts a good emphasis on people using the game's Cash Shop, a shop selling virtual items to people who have charged their own accounts with Nexon cash using REAL LIFE MONEY. Items can range from clothes to tickets to experience and drop bonuses. The game, however, redeems some of this by adding some "Double drop" and "double exp" periods from time to time for all users.

In summary, MapleStory is decent, but to be brutally honest, it requires social interaction and a great deal of mental endurance from the user's part. If you're willing to risk all that, give way to the download, and go kill a couple bouncing mushrooms.