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May The Force Feedback Be With You.

Reviewing: Microsoft Side Winder Force Feedback Wheel And Pedals Set  |  Rating:
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I got this steering wheel a long time ago, and it’s still works great for me. It only cost me $40 on amazon.com with a rebate, so it was a great deal at the time. I’ve been very impressed with it.

The diameter of the wheel is about 10 inches. There are two hand grips on either side with indentations that match your hands. The wheel is quite comfortable, and it’s just the right size for a desk. There are 6 buttons on the front: three on each side of the center. The ones on the left are X, Y, and Z. The ones on the right are A, B, and C. There are also two paddles on the back of the wheel that are convenient for shifting. In the center of the front there is a ‘Force’ button that turns the Force Feedback on and off. The wheel mounts to a desk with a tightener that you turn just like a screw.

All of the buttons can be programmed to just about any key or sequence of keys on the keyboard. This is done by creating schemes for different games in the controllers set up window. In each scheme, you can set the force intensity, return-to-center tension, steering sensitivity, and dead zone.

The wheel works very nicely in games. The wheel works the way you want it to with the settings you set. The pedals work very well too. They respond quickly and have a wide enough range of motion.

The Force Feedback is a very nice touch. As long as the game supports it, you can feel all kinds of vibrations and jerks of the wheel based on what’s happening in the game. An example is if you hit a pothole, the wheel will jerk suddenly as it would in real life. The return-to-center tension is nice because the wheel is always trying to stay center at a strength you set. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off.

This is a great steering wheel even today, and I highly recommend it. Great job Microsoft!