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Me And My Motorola Cliq Xt

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Motorola Cliq XT back

After my old faithful Motorola RAZR gave out, my husband and I decided to upgrade to the Motorola Cliq XT. We wanted to stick with the same brand because our old phones were so durable and reliable.

The Motorola Cliq XT is a touch screen Smartphone. It is powered by Android 1.5 firmware. The Cliq XT has a media player, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radio, and boasts an impressive 5-megapixel camera. It has pinch to zoom capabilities and a nav pad for easier scrolling. See all the technical data here. The phone is 4.59 in X 2.33 in X 0.48 in and 4.4 oz, so it is larger than what we are used to. However, having so many features makes up for the larger size.

So far, the reception has proven to be good. We have a "dead zone" in our kitchen and these Cliq XT phones out shine our old phones there. We have not had any issues with dropped calls in the kitchen or anywhere else.

The 3.1-inch touch screen is nice for dialing a call. When you pull up the dialer, you get big numbers to punch on, which is better than some tiny keypads I have seen on other phones. The screen can be very touchy at times and mis-dialing, or double dialing a digit can happen.

The onscreen keyboard is not my thing at all. I do not text but I used it for entering the initial set up information and the letters are small in the upright position. I had to put the phone sideways to get the information entered properly. I found out later the Cliq XT keyboard has a feature called "swype" where you can slide from letter to letter for easier typing.

Speaking of sliding, I have to mention that when you get a call you slide a green bar to answer. The slide to answer feature does not work all the time. My husband and I have both experienced difficulty answering calls. The problem is sporadic and I wonder if it could be us not the phone. My daughter seems to think the problem is we are not Smartphone ready.

The battery life is not up to our expectations. The literature says the ion battery has over 6 hours of talk time and a 13-day standby. I cannot attest to the talk time because I refuse to talk on the phone for 6 hours. However, the standby life is way off the mark. We are only getting 3-5 days. The phone can be fully charged in less than 2 hours.

The Motorola Cliq XT takes forever to boot up. Out of habit, we turn off our phones when we charge them. Booting the phone takes almost two minutes when you turn it back on. I decided to not turn mine off while charging.

This phone is a nice little device with more features than I will ever use. All I really need is a phone that can make calls. However, I am finding It nice to have the Internet readily available in waiting rooms. I expect the more I get used to my Motorola Cliq XT, the more I will like it.

Note: in my images I added pictures of two magazine articles I took with my Motorola Cliq XT camera. After transferring the images to my computer, I was able to read the information I wanted. I don't usually photograph magazines. I was in a doctor's waiting room and had no other means to write the information down. I am really impressed with the image quality and clarity of the pictures taken with the Cliq XT camera.