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Me Me Me Lip Tint

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After reading a review submitted by the lovely Missixty and all her references to MeMeMe made by Superdrug and stocked only in Superdrug off I went to take a look at the range. I went percifically to look for the illuminator that Missixty raves about so much but at the moment I have a few highlighters and decided that when I run out I will purchase that and I thought I'd something I didnt already have.

I love blusher. I'm not blessed with high cheekbones so to create a more sculpted look I use blusher and highlighter and I fake em! However blusher can look rather clown like and rather fake. I've tried alot of different varieties, colours and concepts over the years from pan cake sticks to the powder kinds which is what I use now. So I have a few different blusher powders but they are all quite harsh and I'm realy pale so when I came across this product I was intrigued by it.

I've never used Benetint. The reason for this is I live in Coventry and I cant find a stockist of Benefit, my Boot's dont stock the range! However I have read reviews that the idea behind this is very similar to that of Benetint and this is a bit of a rip off of it. However I can't compare this to Benetint I can only review this on it's own merits!

MeMeMe, Pussycat, Cheek & Lip Tint.

What The Product Says About Itself...."This product is a steal -copycat of a rather expensive lip/cheek tint from a famous brand, this product does the same job for much less. Such a natural tint - it looks like you are blushing from inside out - no one can tell it is make up!!!"

The Packaging....

It's a 12ml recylable glass bottle with a silver plastic screw on/off lid. On the front in white writing tells me it is indeed Pussycat Cheek and Lip Tint and on the back tells me it is Me Me Me. Unscrew the lid there is a long thin brush. You can see the dark purplish liquid throught the glass. The product looks exactly as in the review photograph!


Well I haven't stopped using it since last week! Amazing! I apply it after foundation and before finishing with pressed powder. I apply it to the fleshy part of my cheek (not a lot) with the brush and blend with a foundation sponge. Tips on this is don't use your fingers as it stains them and its hard to get off! Also be quick at rubbing it in otherwise it drys on as you've applied it and it doesn't matter how much you rub it in it's stuck on your face and you can resemble a red indian!

It's incredibly natural. There's no shimmer just a healthy natural glow and whats more not only cos you dont need much is it a very long laster but I found it stayed on my cheeks all day long. If yo do have any broken capillaries near your cheeks you do need to avoid them. The colour is fairly dark and although natural it does highlight any blemishes you have as it goes through your foundation to stain so you haven't got that cover up any longer. I have a couple of really small red marks on my cheeks that are not visible to the naked eye and I never knew they existed before using this product. I am aware of them now though. Still dont be off put though cos avoidance works very well! It goes over foundation really well and even if you use pressed powder as a finishing product like I do it doesn't cover up the colour you've achieved.

Another benefit of this product is the smell. I noticed it smelt of roses, like rose water as I applied it but a few hours later I was going out and said ta ra to my Mother when she commented how nice I smelt and I said does it smell of roses and she said definetely!

Now I've raved about the benefit on the cheeks because that is why I purchased it lets not forget it is a lip tint as well. For me the colour is too pink. It's like a fushia colour on the lips and too old fashioned for my personal choice. Also, and this seems nit picking but the brush is made up of like synthetic bristles that really tickle the lips but uncomfortably so in my case to almost painful, so if you are going to use it on lips I'd try it and if you do want to use it regualr use your own little lip brush! For me the coverage isnt enough and it does feel very drying and the taste and the smell of roses isn't all that pleasant. On the upside, as on the cheeks its a stayer giving me about 3 hours of continous colour with a cup of tea and a ciggie its fine too!

For a cheek stain this is brilliant. It's easy to apply, natural and lasts. It just take a little getting used to, if like me your used to blushers in powder form! Suitable for any age and in my eyes very worth it's price tag.

My biggest complaint above everything is it's cheap packaging, which is a big shame. It's been in my make up bag with a few other items and I've noticed the white writing on it is coming off which is a big bug bare of mine Im afraid! Tut at Superdrug for that!