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Medabots Fans, Don't Get Trapped.. This Sucks!

Reviewing: Natsume Medabots Infinity  |  Rating:
By randomreviews on
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This game is so mind numbingly tedious with its stages and horrible controls that even the most diehard Medabot fan might find himself or herself tearing their hair out and griping.Its not that the stages are complex mazes (although there are some secret passages completely in darkness), its that you're trying to dodge boulders, cannons and walking hammers. The camera control is very annoying as well. Each stage has 1 or 2 actual robattles, but the AI is completely stupid unless you literally stand right in front of it and let it wail on you. You'll probably find yourself abandoning this game for extended periods of time because it just frustrates you.

You really need to go through each stage several times to figure it out so when you actually plan to clear it, you know what to do and can finish quickly.. like 15 minutes or less. You're not getting the full robattle experience. At least you can have random CPU or 2P matches whenever you want, but in order to get more Medaparts to make them more interesting.. you need to play through the stages in the game to battle the bosses for new parts.

When you do finally manage to clear a stage, you feel moviated to move on to the next but hit that same brick wall where you're annoyed, don't know what to do, can't see what destroyed you, and turn off the game and let it collect dust for a month or so.

If you're a real Medabot addict then I'd rate this game 6/10. Otherwise I think it deserves maybe 3 or 4. Anyone who plays this game and doesn't like Medabots will probably smash it to pieces with a hammer. The plot's not even that interesting. You might get a little excited to see characters from the anime but that dies fast.

Get the anime DVDs, collect the toys, play the GBA games.. but do yourself a favor and do not buy this game!