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Medal Of Honor: Airborne X360

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By professional639 on
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This game franchise was once the known as the 'goldeneye' for PSX owners. It hit a high point moving to the PC with Allied Assault and ever since it has had trouble living up to its predecessors lofty expectations. That said, it is still a great game. Great Graphics utilizing the Unreal Engine 3.0 along with the excellent production values from EA and you know that this game dosn't mess around. As beautiful and atmospheric as it is, it dosn't suck you in the way it should. The enemy is spastic and often frustrating as you're forced to kill hordes of italian or german soldiers without the epic feeling to it. Even though you have other paratroopers landing around you it still feels one sided and ultimately like you are pulling all the weight and then some to get anything done. Now this is not a squad shooter, I know this, but to say that you're just a little paratrooper in a greater battle you have some expectations as to what the friendly AI is capable of. That being said the game has an excellent cover system and improves upon call of duty's controls. I suggest a rental. The only people who will purchase are the hardcore FPS/ww2 fans.