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Meddle With The Pedal.Momo.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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The Momo Company sells a huge range of fittings for sporty cars, and to be honest, pedal kits are typical of the modern products. This equipment they sell nowadays, I believe, is mainly for show, and although it might look sporty, it does not actually do anything for the performance of the car, in fact it could be counter productive, as these pedals are actually mounted on top of the existing pedals. This means that in order to depress any pedal, you have to lift the foot an extra quarter of an inch.

Made to look like aircraft grade aluminium, they do feel good, and are certainly sturdy. I've never heard of one breaking, even in an accident, however, I have seen injuries caused by these, which may not have happened with original manufacturers pedals. I have both fitted & used these, and I must say that if correctly fitted, they will provide good grip, but if badly fitted, these can be lethal. They are simple to fit as a DIY job, but please make sure they are secure, also check on a regular basis. All instructions are adequate, and this kit comes complete with fittings for three pedals, but obviously if you have an automatic, you will only need the two. I have also seen people not bothering with one on the accelerator, prefering to use either the original pedal as it is, or to fit some “Paddy Hopkirk” type throttle pedal. (For anyone not knowing who Paddy Hopkirk is, he was a famous rally driver years ago, and he came from Northern Ireland. He have his name to a vast range of motor accessories.)

You will find this range of Momo product in most motor accessory shops, and the price will vary quite a bit, as with all products of this type, shop around. You will get similar products to these by other companies, which are just as good. If the name Momo rings a bell, you are thinking of very small steering wheels, fitted to 1970 era Minis and suchlike, neither practical, nor comfortable, very ugly too. Perhaps you may have seen them used by the racing drivers, and you are quite right.

The Momo company had been making steering wheels for over 40 years, and the first one sold on a commercial basis, was manufactured for the legendary John Surtees! He was the Ferrari Number one driver at that time, and he also helped to launch the business that spread throughout the world. Ferrari then began fitting these wheels as standard. The name Momo, came from the names MORETTI & MONZ, Moretti was the racing driver we have just mentioned, the idea of a small wheel with a chunky handgrip was born, and.the rest, of course, is history. Contact details for this company are as follows:- MOMO UK. 12 Buckingham Square. Wickford Business Park Wickford, Essex, SS11 8YQ.