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Medical University Acne Free

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I've always had horrible acne problems, all through school it was a pain I was very self concious about it and I couldn't find anything that worked. I tried Clearasil which just dried out my face, I tried Neutrogena and that worked for about a month but then it just didn't work as well. I even tried a benzoil peroxide cream with pills from a doctor and that didn't help. I've wanted to try Proactive but I couldn't afford it.

My cousin ended up trying Proactive and turned out she was allergic so that really made me think twice besides the money thing. So we went to Wal Mart one evening a month or so ago to buy face wash and a few odds and ins that we needed. We looked up and down the isle. My mom pointed this out to me she had seen it on tv and took a look at it.

We discussed it for a while and I figured it was cheaper then we thought no one we knew was allergic so why not? They had this which I guess is basic and then they had the severe which was a little more expensive with four parts instead of three. This has a purifying cleanser wash, renewing toner and repairing lotion. You use all three twice daily with a moisterizer at the end and I noticed a huge difference within a week!

I personally get worse acne around that certain time of the month and I had been getting MASSIVE pimples on my cheek bones. I had never gotten them before and they were leaving horrible scars on my face. Since I started this I haven't had them or any nasty scars. Latley it's been hard for me to keep up since I work around the house trying to get things cleaned out and with the dirt and dust getting on my face I have noticed one or two sneaking up.

If I make sure I use it twice a day as usual they don't last long and are gone before I know it. This is the clearest my skin has been since I would say I was 13 atleast so in 10 years and I love it! I actually like getting pictures taken and taking picture of myself. That is very unnatural for me to do but I really do feel beautiful now and I never did before.

If I had thought about this earlier I could've taken a before and after picture to show you guys. I'm disappointed that I didn't now though but this stuff really does work! I suggest anyone with acne at least give this a try it's worth it and if you buy it at Wal Mart (at least ours anyway) it's under $20 dollars. I'm very happy with this product I feel like a whole new person I'm not afraid to walk around in stores having people stare at the nasty crap all over my face and it's a wonderful feeling!