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Medicus Dual Hinge Clubs: Best Golf Training

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Chuck Ekere By Chuck Ekere on
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The Medicus is by far one of the most effective golf training methods I've ever used thus far. Before I played golf for college, I needed a quick and effective way to train myself so I could lower my scores to be eligible. I went and paid for many golf coaches, and even took tips from the Golf Channel, but always misunderstood whatever they were teaching or got it confused. But then I saw a commercial about the medicus dual hinge driver. I saw real customers improve their golf game significantly just by using this club to correct common errors. I went to buy one myself, used for a few weeks, and it significantly improved my game. It helped me to figure out both common errors and errors that were unknown. I soon learned how to keep the club along the swing plane and on the same path, to rotate my body more, and to generate clubhead speed without swinging as hard. I picked up my regular driver and started hitting like the pros. The reason why, you ask? The DUAL HINGE. Every time you make an error in a golf swing, the club's hinge will bend. It is as if you have someone analyzing your swing from start to finish, looking at every detail and giving you feedback.The hinge is very responsive, in that it will break exactly at the moment you make your error, therefore making it easy to judge which position in the swing your error is and what the error is. Anyhow, if the hinge stays straight, then you know your swing is correct. The same goes for Medicus's dual-hinged putter. The hinge, again, will help you to determine what speed to go at, what the clubhead path should be, etc. If you want a simple, effective way to improve your golf swing and lower your scores, then this will most certainly be one of your best investments.