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Medieval Ii: Total War Review

Reviewing: Sega Medieval Ii: Total War  |  Rating:
By awesceptic on
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The graphics are incredible, however they can lead to problems like playing this for to long can sometimes make your computer overheat and if you have too many men on a battle this can lead to your performance dropping thus ruining the immersion. Apart from that though it is a stupendous game, the battles are strategy based just like Rome total war none of the better unit is always the winner or who has the most troops wins, which I dislike about so many RTS's. Anyway the campaigns are incredibly detailed in almost every way but there are some problems with AI like diplomats just staying in the one bloody spot for no reason at all until they die of old age. The multiplayer is great as long as your computer is of a decent caliber. If you do not have a great computer system then, I recommend you get Rome total war instead although in the end the choice is up to you.The difficulty levels are well-balanced and are perfect for hardcore total war players or the new players who are just getting into the Total War franchise. Gameplay wise there are several different types of units and factions to choose from, the public order system makes it really challenging to hold on to some cities later in the campaign.

In conclusion, this is an awesome game with high replay value and immersion, if you liked any turn based game then the odds are that you will love this game.