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Medi Ped Socks For My Swollen Ankle

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For some years now I have been having trouble with my left ankle swelling to the point that on bad days it feels like my skin is going to split open by the end of the day. I've asked my doctor what the cause could be and the answer is always "probably from a previous foot injury like a sprained ankle or something of that nature", watch your salt intake, drink lots of water, yadayada". I had sprained my left ankle many years ago and since the swelling does go down after I put my feet up and wake up in the morning I was told it was nothing to worry about. I bring it up every physical though and get basically the same answer (and from 2 different doctors).

While shopping at Target I ran into these MediPeds socks that are recommended for diabetics. They were advertised on the package as having a non-binding extra wide funnel top which reduces pressure on sensitive ankles. I thought this is just what I need because when wearing regular socks it sometimes feels like I have a vise around my ankle.

These MediPeds are quarter length socks so they come up just a little past my ankle which is exactly what I wanted. I just don't like the short walking socks and don't like folding over with longer ones. I couldn't believe how great these felt when I put them on, none of that tight pressure feeling I had with my other socks.

Since they are made for diabetics they have the "no rub" smooth toe seams and are made with Coolmax which helps to reduce blisters by pulling moisture away from the skin and keeping my feet dry. The soles are cushioned and you would not believe how SOFT these socks are.

MediPeds are made of 42% cotton, 32% coolmax polyester, 1% nylon and 1% lycra spandex. They are made in the USA which was another plus in my book. They wash up really well and I only wish I had found these a long time ago. They are the only socks I buy and wear now wihen wearing tennis shoes. If I could wear sandles all year I would but since that's not an option living in Michigan I'm happy with my MediPed socks. www.medipeds.com