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Medipeds Diabetic Socks

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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Are you a diabetic or one who suffers with poor circulation in your feet? I was diagnosed four years ago this February 14th with stressed induced Diabetes !. What a surprise that was. There are many side effects which accompany this disease and poor circulation especially in the feet is one of them. Another one is the fact that we do not heal like regular people do so we have to be careful not to get infections. I only suffer with neuroapathy which involves the nerves in my feet so I have to wear loose fitting socks. Special diabetic socks can cost a fortune per pair so I was thrilled when I found these in Walmart.

It is imperative for me and other diabetics to wear loose fitting socks so they do not rub against our shoes. If I do get a sore or a cut on my feet, then I am open up to infections which can prove to be very dangerous. My adopted grandfather had diabetes and he got a nail stuck in the bottom of his foot and never said anything about it. He wound up having a few toes removed due to gangrene. We also heal very slowly. These Walmart socks have really worked out well for me.

I wear the socks most of the time when I wear shoes or sneakers. They come in a variety of colors besides white. I especially like the fact that they have no elastic band around the ankle and there is no ridge at the top of the toe. A ridge across the toe top could pose a rubbing hazard to me. Elastic around the ankle would cut off the circulation in my leg. I really love how loose they feel. I am especially happy as I do not have to worry about foot infections with these socks.

I am also amazed at how these socks carry the sweat away from the foot to the outside of the sock. I found out how they do this. Medipeds are made of a combination of 42% cotton, 32% coolmax polyester, 1% lycra, and 1% lycra spandex. This feature helps reduce harmful blisters for me. I was really amazed at this new technology especially in socks! I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they come in a variety of lengths. I bought some crew socks and some ankle socks in white and other colors. The variety is great!

At $3.49, I found these socks to be well worth the money. They are just as good and even better than the much higher priced diabetic socks on the market. Like I said, these socks are therapeutic for all symptoms of diabetes and circulatory problems. I highly recommend you to try these socks if you suffer from either conditions. Walk on over to your local Walmart and treat your tootsies to a pair of Medipeds. You will be glad I sent you!