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Megaman 3 For Nes

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Megaman 3 is the third game in the original Megaman series. This game is innovative in several ways. First of all Megaman has now the ability to do the slide.The second is that Megaman now has an ally in the form of Rush, a mechanical dog. Rush has the ability to transform into three types of vehicles (Rush Coil, Rush Jet and Rush Marine). Lastly, Megaman now could store in his inventory nine energy tanks. This is a huge help from the zero energy tanks in Megaman 1 and four tanks in Megaman 2.

The story of Megaman 3 is that Dr. Wily has repented from his evil ways and has collaborated with Dr. Light to create Gamma, a peacekeeping robot. They then sent eight robots to gather crystals which would power Gamma. Suddenly the robots went berserk and Megaman is sent to investigate. He then faces eight new robot masters in the form of Sparkman, Snakeman, Needleman, Topman, Shadowman, Hardman, Magnetman and Gemini Man. After dispatching these new opponents, you would face eight Doc Robots which imitate the powers of the eight robot masters of Megaman 2. You would also encounter Breakman who is actually Megaman's brother Protoman. Then its back to Wily's castle where you face Wily and Gamma in the final battle!

I liked the game very much especially in the part that you would once again face the eight robot masters of Megaman 2. I also like the storyline that Wily actually"reformed." I'm sure a lot of gamers back in the day were actually swerved into thinking there would actually be a new anatgonist in the series. It also added a nice touch of having elements of the original Megaman back such as the Rock monster and the Megaman clones.