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Megaman 6 For Nes

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Megaman 6 is the last Nintendo Entertainment System game for the Megaman. The game begins with a robot master tournament sponsored by Mr. X. So engineers all over the world enter their creations in the tournament. At the end of the tournament eight robot masters were chosen and Mr. X suddenly announces that he has reprogrammed the eight robots and goes on to conquer the world.

Here we go again. Capcom is teasing us for the third straight time that there is a new archnemesis in the series. Doing Mr. X's bidding are Blizzardman, Windman, Flameman, Plantman, Tomahawkman, Yamatoman, Knightman and Centaurman. Rush also changes from a vehicle to an attachement to Megaman. This is good as you dont have to charge up this ability.

The game was given much publicity by Nintendo Power as there was a contest to create robot masters. The winning robots were Knightman and Windman. The game just like the whole series is fun and presents new challenges. There are now fake bosses which wasn't a concept in the previous games. Repetitive as the theme may be in the series, it is fun nevertheless.