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Megaman: A Hero Is Born Simply Put...It's A Blast

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Megaman was a semi-popular show in the early 90's about a super fighting robot who goes up against the maniacal Dr. Wily, who plans on using his robots to conquer the world. After many years, the show finally hits DVD. Is it a smash hit, or a big blue bomb?

For an old time DVD aimed at kids, it's not bad at all. The three disc set features the first thirteen episodes of the series, packaged in a needlessly thick DVD case, roughly the size of two normal sized DVD cases. Perhaps for the time of release it was decent enough, but in today's world of media where box sets are much smaller and compressed, it just looks needlessly huge. They could easily put the 13 episodes in a 2-disc set with a case half the size.

Special features are...well, there are none, save for trailers of other properties released by the ADV company.

The series isn't much in the way of packaging or special features, but the main meat of the release, the episodes themselves, are great. And with such a cheap price tag, it's a great gift for any Megaman fan!