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Megaman The Power Battle Arcade

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Megaman has come a long way since Megaman 1. It has spawned games in many video game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Gameboy and the Playstation. How about the arcade? This review is about Megaman the Power Battle for the arcade. The game is divided into three stories. You could play Megaman 1-2, Megaman 3-6 and Megaman 7. You could choose to fight either as Megaman, Protoman or Bass. The layout of the game is as follows.

Megaman 1-2

Enemies Weapon

Cut Man / Rolling Cutter

Guts Man / Super Arm

Ice Man / Ice Slasher

Wood Man / Leaf Shield

Crash Man / Crash Bomb

Heat Man / Atomic Fire

Megaman 3-6

Enemies Weapon

Magnet Man / Magnet Missile

Gemini Man / Gemini Laser

Dust Man / Dust Crusher

Gyro Man / Gyro Attack

Napalm Man / Napalm Bomb

Plant Man / Plant Barrier

Megaman 7

Cloud Man / Thunder Bolt

Junk Man / Junk Shield

Freeze Man / Freeze Cracker

Slash Man / Slash Claw

Shade Man / Noise Crush

Turbo Man / Scorch Wheel

At the end of each story, you would face the Yellow Devil and Dr. Wily.

The Verdict

The game has very cartoonish graphics. The game also has improved graphics over all the original seven games. The sound is nice and lively and is a remix of games past. The ability tofight arcade style against the bosses and to play cooperatively adds a new element to the game. I highly recommend you try this.