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Megaman X For Snes

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Throughout the original Megaman series, the main protagonist was Megaman and the main antagonist was Dr. Wily. Fast forward to the future. Megaman is still alive.He is a robot after all. Dr. Wily must be finally dead by now. Yet his legacy still lives. He has created a virus and unleashed his creation Zero to do what Protoman and Bass have failed to do. Sigma battled Zero to a standstill and then contracted the virus from Zero thus making him the new antagonist of the series.

The game introduces animal themes for robot masters. In the game you face Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandril, Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon. These were robots who went maverick.

In the game you no longer have the services of Beat, Rush and Eddie. They must be gone as well. However, you have powerups such as leg power ups and a power helmet. You also start with a lower power level and gradually get stronger as you acquire heart tanks.

Overall, this is a good game and quite enjoyable as it presents more of a challenge than previous Megaman games. This is the Megaman of the future and the future is now.