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Megaman X8 For Playstation 2

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If there's one thing people know about the blue bomber Megaman...it's that he just won't go away! There are a large number of different series now, each with at least two games to their name (and some with as many as eight). Megaman X is one of the few Megaman series that has survived up to seven sequels, each one since X4 widely regarded as worse than the last. Happily, though, after the disasters that were Megaman X6 and X7, X8 brings the series back up to the high quality of the X4 days.

Humans are making their way to the moon for colonization via the orbital elevator "Jakob." Unfortunately, their colonization is disrupted by new generation reploids, who have copied the DNA of the evil Sigma and are now running amok. As per usual, it's up to the Maverick Hunters X, Zero, and Axel to quell the insurrection and save the day.

The game goes back to it's 2D roots with beautiful 3D graphics. The levels play on rails as in days past, but in 3D environments, making the Megaman world appear lush without sacrificing the sidescrolling gameplay. The formula is the same as always: travel to eight locations, destroy the Mavericks causing trouble, and encounter Sigma at the end. Interestingly, for the first time in a Megaman X game, there's a mysterious character working behind the scenes, and he's not Sigma.

Fans of Megaman X through X4 should pick up this game. It's fun, easy to pick up, and plays just as the classic games.