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Meguiar's Endurance Tire Care

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This tire care gel is so simple even I can use it and get great results!

Around 6 am almost every summer weekend you'll find my husband in the driveway, garage door open and all his auto cleaning tools and toys spread out on the lawn within easy reach. He has almost every cleaning product imaginable because to him, if your vehicle is dirty, that says a lot about who you are. I go with that attitude as well and I always like my car to look great inside and out - for me what my car looks like is also a reflection of who I am and I usually take it a step further - if my car was filthy I'd imagine people would think so too is my house! Can't have that :)

Of all the detailing routines my husband has for the vehicles the one that he refuses to forget is the tires. In his opinion, what is the point in detailing your car or truck to look incredible and leaving the tires dirty? Whenever we are out and about, if he sees a good looking vehicle the first thing he looks at are the tires. The car or truck is soon dismissed if the owner forgot to take care of the look of the tires and he'll comment usually that it's a shame some people don't take the extra few minutes to do that. The car could look amazing otherwise but without the tires done, well, it looks incomplete in his view. I went with him the day he decided to pick out the Meguiar's Endurance Tire care kit - that was a long shopping expedition. He always jokes that I look at every thing in the store - well, when it comes to car products, he has me beat!

This product comes with a bottle of gel and a sponge applicator. You simply wash the tires well, let them dry and then squeeze about 1/2" long line of this gel onto the applicator. Then you simply run the applicator around the tire from the rim to the outer edge of the tire. The applicator is wide enough that you can usually get a car tire done in only a few seconds, a truck tire takes just a few seconds longer.

The application is basically flawless. The shine is great, the tire looks like its still wet and the black of the rubber is intensified. The shine actually lasts from week to week and he will usually be able to get 2 weeks out of the one application.

One kit usually lasts for several tire applications, we have 8 tires in total and he also does this application to the tires that are in storage - why, well according to him this product not only gives a great look and shine it also protects the tires and stops them from cracking or going brownish or dingy. It must work because none of the tires have any signs of aging on the sides.

Overall, this is a pretty good product that isn't that expensive given the amount of applications we can get out of it. He usually buys two kits per year and he uses up every last bit of both kits - he uses this during the winter as well when he takes the vehicles into the office and uses the loading bays to make sure the vehicles look good all year round.