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Meijer Cone Coffee Filters Perfect Economy

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Meijer coffee filter package

In an economy where every penny counts, I can’t imagine why people pay more for brand name coffee filters.

I have been using Meijer brand cone coffee filters for years. The one pictured for this review is size #2, for a small 1-4 cup size drip pot, but I have used their larger size for a basket drip pot. It gave equally good results.

The package says “stitched cone.” Stitching is an interesting description. These are not sewn with thread. It refers to a line of corrugated pressing to hold the seam of the filter together. It works fine. I’ve never had a seam fail.

There is a raised tab on one side of the cone opening so that you can easily pull the sides apart. They fit my Gevalia coffeemaker perfectly. They are not too short (letting grounds splash up and over into the coffee), nor too tall (forcing the sides to be bent in).

I suppose there are slight differences in pots, since the package does carry a disclaimer “fits most 1-4 cup size drip coffeemakers.”

There is also a tip on the back that I’ve never thought about, to keep your coffee filters in a sealed bag to prevent them from picking up kitchen odors. This might be a straw man argument- I’ve never done this and haven’t noticed my coffee tasting like onion or anything, but it might depend on where you keep the filters.

The package does not say anything about recycled fiber content, so I suppose that might be a possible reason to choose a different filter, so I’ll only rate it 4.5 on construction material. But they are packaged in a plastic bag- much less to dispose of than a cardboard box which is used for some brands.

They come 40 to a pack for 99 cents, about 2/3 the cost of name brand filters. And they are made in the USA!