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Meijer Fabric Bandaids Not Perfect, But Good

Reviewing: Meijer Fabric Adhesive Bandages 30 Count  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Meijer flexible fabric one-inch wide bandaids are difficult to remove from the packaging, but once in place on a wound they work very well.

I am currently dealing with a cat bite right in a finger joint on the palm side. It’s a really annoying place to have a wound of any type. The tear is large enough that a 3/4 inch bandaid won’t cover it, and the fact that it’s right on the joint meant that regular plastic bandaids, which are quite stiff, kept me from using the joint at all. These bandaids are less stiff, and they stay on pretty well. The fabric also breathes better than the plastic. These are latex-free too, making them safe for people with allergies to that product.

However, there are a couple of things about these bandaids that make them difficult to get from the package to your finger.

Each bandaid has a paper wrapper. These wrappers do have a divided end that allows you to pull the sides apart, but it is difficult to get these separated initially. I seem to end up just tearing the paper off any old way I can. If my fingers weren’t so awkward at the moment I probably would have more patience with it, but cuts are often on fingers, so it would have been better if this was designed better.

The next thing that bothers me is that the folded tab on the shiny backing paper is very small. It’s easy to get the first tab off, but not so easy for the second one without touching the sterile pad. And I have small fingers. Anyone with larger hands is going to have a hard time getting ahold of that tab. See picture.

My final issue is that I wish the sterile pad went all the way to the side edges of the adhesive. There is no way that tiny edge of adhesive is going to hold tight to skin, so I’d rather have more of the pad. If you have a cut that needs a 1" wide bandaid, then you want 1" of pad, not 3/4".

The price is reasonable, and the bandaid holds to itself where it wraps well, but not like it’s welded on. This is good, because when your finger is really sore, it hurts a lot when the bandaid is very difficult to get off. I had to cut off a plastic one before I bought these just because the pressure of pulling on the bandaid hurt.

Overall, I’m satisfied enough with these.