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Meijer Ultra Premium Tp Good Enough For Us

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Although this is a store brand toilet paper, and a little bit less cushy than some of the name brands it has been a good compromise for us between cost and thickness and softness.

Hubby and I have had an ongoing battle about toilet paper. It’s been a quiet one... no yelling. But when he would buy the toilet paper he would come home with a favorite name brand (Quilted Northern). Very nice, but at great expense. Since we live on a pretty tight budget, I had great hopes of finding some product that was acceptable, but cost a bit less!

We’ve had good luck with the Meijer brand on other products, and they did offer some rolls of tp that didn’t look anemic and scratchy to start with. We have settled on the Meijer Ultra, and hubby agrees that it is good enough. The sheets are two-ply and quilted.

To be honest, these feel as soft to me as the name brand. The only difference I can tell is that this paper isn’t quite as strong. Of course, strong is good. Having the tp tear when you are using it isn’t so great, but it really doesn’t happen very often.

This package has 12 double rolls for a total of 266 square feet of paper. You can see in the picture where I am squeezing a roll that it is not the stiff, incompressible kind of paper that a lot of generic brands seem to be.

All in all, we are quite happy with this paper. The real “litmus test” for us is that hubby is willing to use it.