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Melaleuca Whiteing Toothpaste Limited Results

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By zef88 on
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I began to use melaleuca whiting toothpaste when a friend of mine who uses melaleuca products regularly recommended it to me. He told me that I would notice a significant difference in my tooth color within the first 2 months of usage. I am completely disastisfied with the results. My teeth are sadly as yellow as they used to be and no change in noticable whatsoever. The toothpaste itself works well, it keeps my breath fresh and clean, but the whiting aspect that they advertise does not seem to work at all. I would not recommened this product as it is expensive and other toothpastes do the job much better in my opinion. My friend ( who I talked about earlier) is a member of the melaleuca company and is a little bit biased and overexaggerative. I would recommended traditional tooth whiterns such as the strips that are proven to whiten your teeth within two weeks.