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Melatonin Slightly Helpful For Insomnia

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Melatonin is better than a sharp stick in the eye. It is not better than a good clunk on the head with a bat, however. That would likely put you to sleep faster. In the overall scheme of things, I recommend trying Melotonin after you've failed with the bat, but long before you start sticking sharp objects in your eyes.

If you have an occasional bout of sleeplessness that responds well to gentle remedies like counting sheep or drinking warm tea, Melatonin will most likely be another helpful tool you can keep in the cupboard. For those of us who have a more resistant type of insomnia, the kind that laughs at major tranquilizers and crushes aromatherapy bottles in its mighty claws, melatonin is like an ant attacking a giant. The effect is slightly noticeable, but the giant is not going to fall down.

Melatonin will occasionally make me yawn. If I'm very close to being able to sleep, Melatonin can push me the rest of the way. I keep it on hand as part of a well rounded sleep arsenal, but it's not one of the big guns. It's more like a bb gun or a pea shooter.

The Melatonin sprays are better than the tablets because dosage control is important when taking Melatonin. A little works better than a lot, so the smaller the dose, the more likely you are to sleep. Melatonin is also better absorbed when left under the tongue for a minute or so. Most importantly, Melatonin has occasionally been known to cause depression in susceptible people. If you notice you're losing your sense of humor, try putting the Melatonin bottle away for a while.