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Melissa Rossi Knows About The World

Reviewing: Melissa Rossi What Every American Should Know About The Rest Of The World:  |  Rating:
By pillowpants on
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Melissa Rossi has created the most absolutely awesome book series for the politically obsessed mind such as myself. But, in doing so, she has also written a book that I could hand to a friend who was curious and get them totally immersed in the subject.

I'll admit, it is pretty easy reading for me, but at the same time, she took the time to write a book that appeals to everyone and she goes out of her way to bash all sides of every issue, while occaisionally letting her disdain for red state America slip out.

After reading this book, one can claim to be knowledgable about many of the power players in the world, and probably even engage in many discussions about each topic. The way she tackles each country and divides the country into sections about the hot shots, hot spots, and various wars around the area is just what I need to feed my political hunger.