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Melitta Coffee Filters Flavor Enhancing Perforations?

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Melitta coffe filter box

Melitta Super Premium Coffee Filters claim to be heavier and to have “flavor enhancing micro-perforations” which will brew better coffee. Do they deliver on these promises?

After making a strong case for using cheap coffee filters with Meijer Cone Coffee Filters, I now have a chance to compare them to a name brand, Melitta. These were on sale, so that they were actually cheaper than the Meijer filters, this one week. This was a fluke, as they are regularly 1.5 times the price. But cheaper is good, so I bought a box.

You can see that there are little dimples in the paper, and if I hold one thickness up to the light there is, indeed, a small hole in each dimple. These structural breaks do reduce the rigidity of the filter when it’s wet, so it slumps down in the top of the drip container if the filter is full of coffee grounds.

The overall size of these #2 filters is exactly the same as the Meijer ones. However, the Meijer ones have a little tab which makes it a lot easier to open the top of the filter.

The seam is formed with a line of corrugated crimping to hold the two surfaces of the filter together. The Melitta filters actually have a double line, as you can see in the photo. Since I’ve never had a seam fail, even in the Meijer cones, I expect these would work at least as well.

These are white (and so presumably bleached), but the box says they are 100% chlorine-free.

The claim to be a heavier coffee filter

I have a scale that can weigh to the nearest gram. I weighed several at a time, thinking that one alone might not be enough different to register. Weighing five at a time, they were the same number of grams as the Meijer filters... so no difference to within two-tenths of a gram– not significantly heavier, if at all.

The claim to enhance flavor

I’ve used several of these now, and I can’t tell any difference at all in the flavor of the coffee based on the filter. I have used the same beans which I grind every morning. I suppose its possible that my palate isn’t sophisticated enough, but my conclusion is– no flavor enhancement.

Overall conclusion

These have no tab for easy opening, they slide down when full, and there is no flavor enhancement. I would buy these again on sale, but I sure won’t pay extra money for them.

The cardboard box is recyclable, but is more packaging than the Meijer brand, which comes in a small plastic bag.

Melitta makes filters in several sizes, coffee pots, and grinders, and also sells several kinds of coffee.