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Memento Dvd

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Memento is a film about a man with no short term memory. Each morning, the main character wakes up and can't remember what has happened the night before. This is a problem because he is in the midst of an investigation into what happened to his wife. So, in order to retain his clues and make sure that nobody can fool him by leaving false clues, he tattoos anything he has learned on himself. Through the course of discovering more about incidents and events, he becomes more and more covered with these "clue tattoos". I liked this movie a lot. I thought it was an intense thrilled and the viewer is only aware to the same clues and events as the main character. So, the viewer can sort of play along as well and try to figure out what is the truth and what is lies and deception. I found the acting to be so good that I lost myself in the movie - something that I find difficult at times in this day when there is so much bad acting being lauded as brilliant. It was a very smart movie as well, engaging the audience and forcing them to think. As far as special features, one of the things that is interesting (and sort of maddening) is the title screen. It is a page with a lot of words on it and the viewer must figure out that they need to find the "play" one in order to view the movie. The packaging is also in tune with the movie, as it has psychiatric reports and such. I think this is a great DVD and a great movie.