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Memorette Flash Drive From Easybio

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My Dad got this one as a gift from a company that he is working with. It has its own velvet case and the name of the company as well as the motto "Better World Through Better Way" engraved in seemingly gold letters on the top of the case. The logo and motto can also be found on the dongle itself. The inside has 2 "compartments"; one vertical and one horizontal. The horizontal part would be where the USB dongle is placed and the vertical part is for the chain.

The USB on the whole looks like an expensive necklace being that it has a faux-gold chain instead of the usual cloth. The dongle itself has a "gold" template on its cover which can be slid on the side to reveal the plug. The circle at the center of the unit is where the light is located indicating whether the drive is connected or not. The plug doesnt have a metal casing like most common USB's. This makes it a bit more vulnerable than usual, at least for me that is. The overall design of the USB looks great but as to the sturdiness of the design from constant plugging and unplugging to computers, well, I do have reservations whether it will survive for many years. Great thing about it apart from its "golden" embellishments is its 1GB storage space. Though there are other USB's with far more higher storage capacity, still this USB delivers in its function, performance, and design.

This USB corporate giveaway from EasyBio Systems, Inc. has great taste in its appearance, and can blend well in a business person's hectic daily schedule.

Disclaimer: I am not directly affiliated with EasyBio. They did not pay me or ask me to make this. I made this review because I like the comments that I got when I wear it.LOL

Update On Jun 14, 2010: Been using the flash drive frequently and I noticed that it does seem fragile. Not because it's on the slim side but because of the plastic case. I sometimes feel like the plug would get stuck in the port whenever I take it out. Aside from that, Ive encountered some computers/laptops that doesnt recognize the flash drive. I havent been able to compare if it was because of the Operating System or something else entirely.