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Memorex Cd Dvd Sleeves Color Coded Storage

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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array of colors Memorex CD Sleeves

I prefer paper envelopes for CD storage, instead of all those bulky jewel cases. And, I like color coding my filing systems, so when I found these Memorex sleeves at Staples, I was extremely pleased.

Memorex makes two similar variations, so if you buy these, pay attention. The “envelopes” have a gummed flap, and the “sleeves” have a security tab, something like a cereal box. I’m not sure that I appreciated the difference when I bought them, but I do like the sleeves. If you seal the envelopes once, then the flap would be permanently sealed.

These come in a box of 50 sleeves, ten each of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. There is a cellophane window to allow you to see the CD, and any label that is on it. Of course you could write on the envelope as well.

The sleeves were $8.49 for a pack of 50, at Staples. The gummed envelopes were $8.99 for a similar pack of 50.

I am pleased that the cellophane insert is glued securely at the top so you don’t have to fight with the layers to get a CD/DVD into the sleeve. The side seams are glued securely, too.

The Memorex CD Sleeves are made of paper- about the same weight as copy paper. There is no indication that the paper is acid free, so it probably isn’t. I don’t think this matters much for a CD, but I suppose it might if you were going to slip this envelope in a file with other archived materials.

There isn’t a lot to say about a product like this, unless some quality issue makes it annoying to use. These met my expectations, are affordable, and help me organize. I’m sure I’ll buy more. I keep them stored vertically in a small box that has the right dimensions- it's nothing special, but it does the trick.

I order most of my office products from Staples, as they provide free home delivery, usually in one business day, for orders over $100. By purchasing small needs when I order printer toner, I am able to take advantage of this huge time and money-saving service for my small home business. Staples has also been great about returns.