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Memorex Light Scribe Cd R This Is Too Cool!!

Reviewing: Memorex 52x 700mb 20 Disk Light Scribe Cd R Gold  |  Rating:
alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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Memorex LightScribe CD-R

I have a lot of downloaded music on my computer that I've been meaning to burn onto CDs for my car. And I have a LightScribe DVD burner on my HP G60 laptop as well as a pre-installed CyberLink LabelPrint program that can set up a LightScribe image. All I needed to find was some blank LightScribe CDs, and they weren't being sold at my local Walmart store.

So I searched online for the best price for LightScribe CDs, any brand, at least 10, but no more than 20 disks in the package, not willing to spend very much on a new technology that I've never tried before to know how it would turn out. The best value, including shipping, for blank LightScribe CDs turned out to be the Memorex LightScribe CD-R 20PAQthat's sold at Walmart online. These Memorex LightScribe CD-Rsare all gold in color, although LightScribe CDs are also sold in red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. When the LightScribe image is burned onto the gold CD, it looks a lot like old, yellowed newsprint, and all color images are converted to grayscale. The Memorex LightScribe CD-Rscan hold 80 minutes worth of music, and most of my older albums are less than 40 minutes in length, so I can burn two albums onto one audio CD and still have enough room on the LightScribe cover image to list all of the songs in their track order.

This is so much nicer than the Sharpie marker that I was using for my CD titles before that I don't think I'll ever use anything other than Memorex LightScribe CD-Rsfor my music collection.