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Memorization With Poor Recognition!

Reviewing: Nintendo Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Just Minutes A Day!  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game is horrible. You do not get smarter; you just know the rules better and the recognition can be terrible. Basically they have you do math or reading as fast as you can which honestly isn't that boring initially as the speed is the challenge (try doing 100 calculations in even under 2 mins). The problem is that with vocal calculation, your voice will not register most of the time when you get the answer right. It also goofs on the stroop test in which you say the color of the word that is written in another color, such as yellow with a red font. It will not work with blue, and makes it frustrating as your "Brain Age" lowers by this. The tasks do wear off in fun over time and my brain age only went down from 32 to 23 because I did not know how things worked (plus I learned to skip the stroop test because it will make you do worse) at first and I knew the rules much better; you will not get smarter with this product if you actually read a lot anyway like I do. You will not be asked questions to check for reading comprehension.

You're honestly just better off getting your reading from the reviews on this website than playing this game. For the math parts, you can just play my Quickstrike Trading Card Game (pm me about it, here is the tutorial) and get a good idea of probability, addition/subtraction, and synergy from cards that work together. It's also for free and playable online. I am willing to teach anyone how to play it. It's just that this education can be done in better ways for free that work well.

At least it introduced the stroop test (we're used to reading the word and not thinking about its color) though it fails when you're supposed to say blue and the written recognition is at least better than the voice recognition (it doesn't mess up as much). Brain Age also has Sudoku, which is a fun puzzle game that has you do logical math to figure out what numbers, 1-9, go into an empty square without repeating itself in the same row nor column. However, this is also playable online for free or available in better video games, making Brain Age a complete waste.