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Memory Card Carry Case

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Pamela Myers By Pamela Myers on
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Memory Card Case Outside

Memory Card Carry Case by Memory Card-----

This is a really neat, compact, zippered holder, which is 2” by 4” which is the perfect size to slip into a purse, or pocket. The outside is a type of shiny cloth-like material with stitches around the outside edge and looks well sewn.

The zipper is plastic, but appears well installed and one could hang this on a key chain, although I would not do that, as I do not trust them and would be afraid I would lose it somehow, but that is just me.

The case inside has:

4 vinyl pages - small slots of 3

4 vinyl pages - larger slots of 2

I have my six (6) SD cards stored in it. I bought it because I was getting worried I would lose them all.

I am not worried about that now, overall, but as a result of the poor design on these pockets, I am concerned that they may individually slide out of the pockets and I may not notice.

The small vinyl pockets, have no top flap part (see Photos) to keep the smaller ones from slipping out of the smaller pockets. When I open it, they tend to slide towards the opening and can fall right out if one is not watchful.

I can solve that by putting 2 in a pocket, back to back, but that, of course will mean that the pockets will stretch to that capacity and I will have to keep two in each pocket all the time, once I have done that. Doing that though, does take up enough room in the pocket, to sufficiently keep them from sliding out, so far!

All in all, I have decided that this is good case to keep at home, but not enough for me to travel outside the home with without the danger of losing the cards. At least if I drop one in the house here, and do not notice, the chances of finding it later would be increased.

All the other cases I saw when I bought this one, were higher priced and offered only a couple of slots in each holder. I wanted more pockets.

There is also no way to mark which card is what and since there are no labels made yet for cars (as far as I know), this leaves me wondering what is on each card, or if it is empty. So, I will have to invent a way to do that for now.

My hope is that a company will come out with one which will be hold a lot more and have a flap protection like my CD holder has and with a place to slide a label in as well.

But, for the price and that there is a limited choice thus far, for anyone who wants to store 20 cards, in two different sizes all in one place, at home, this would do as a start.