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Men's Soap: Biore Facial Foam Deep Clean Action

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mardya wandry By mardya wandry on
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I have a sensitive face skin. Therefore, I do not really like to try to use different kinds of soap. My skin was rather dry, and I was use body soap to clean the face as well. It makes my face drier and there are some dead skins so my skin becomes rough, and I have to wash my face often to remain moist everyday.

Finally, I get a good facial soap that suitable with my skin, it is a men’s biore deep clean action. Actually, biore have different kinds of facial and body soap, but the facial soap that fits with my face is only this product. In the past, I had tried to use biore soap, but it was unsuitable for my skin, it creates red spots on my face, this is probably because there are many scrubs in it.

However, men’s biore deep clean action is different from the product I used before, this does not make my face dry or irritated. This product does contain scrubs too, but it is softer and proven to help clean the dirt on my face. Besides, this facial soap keeps moisture and raises the dead skin, so that my face becomes softer and cleaner. My wife also told me that now my face looks smoother and brighter. This made me more confident, especially at the workplace.

Men’s biore facial soap also gives mint sensation, after using this soap my face becomes fresher for couple hours. So, this product is suitable for men who active every day to keep the face stay clean, moist, and fresh. Overall, it is a good product for me, simple but gives a tremendous result.