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Mental Maths Strategies Workbook

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My daughter's favorite subject among all is Math that is why games like Sudoku comes very interesting and challenging to her. Hubby and I are both good in Math and maybe it is where she got her prowess at, LOL.

Last holiday vacation that lasted two weeks she got two workbooks from me, one for English and one for Math. She found this MENTAL MATHS STRATEGIES BASIC SKILLS by Alan Parker and Jan Faulkner in the workbook section of the bookstore. The book contains different Math problems very similar to the outline of her Math subject for this school year and there are some advance ones. I am pretty sure that between reading and computing she will choose to solve Math problems. She finds the content challenging and going over that book during the vacation she knows her lessons will not be forgotten.

Like the usual process we are doing, she gets to answer the book activity per activity so that we can be able to measure her understanding of the topic. I told her that learning is not more of memorization but deeply more of understanding the topics by heart and mind. Constant practice on solving Math problems like this book offers will surely help her understand more and practice the speed and accuracy she needs. This will help her also to solve Math problems without her pen and paper, only with her mind. Cool, isn't it?