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Did you ever see the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Do you remember how the dad always used Windex as a cure-all for everything? That was really funny and kind of far-fetched, but it totally reminds me of the way my mom and dad have always used Mentholatum. Maybe not quite to that extreme, but still…

So, we use Mentholatum rather than Vicks Vaporub for rubbing into the chest when we have a chest cold. The Vicks seems to have a gooier consistency than Mentholatum does. We also use Mentholatum for nasal congestion and sore noses from nose blowing. It has a bit of a tingle that might be perceived as stinging, but once that passes, it is actually very soothing.

My personal favorite use for Mentholatum is for chapped lips. Like using on sore noses, it tingles a bit at first, but I have never found anything that soothes and heals chapped lips as quickly as a dab of this wonder-stuff.

Mom and Dad have a Mentholatum use that I have always considered bazaar, even though I’m a confirmed Mentholatum fan. Whenever they know they will be in a crowd ( or even go to the grocery store!) they both put a little mentholatum in their noses to keep germs from being breathed in. They swear it helps them to prevent colds. See why they remind me of that movie?

Mentholatum is worth its weight in gold (according to Mom and Dad). You should try it the next time you have a cold or chapped lips.