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Metabolife Breakthrough

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sunshinelinsayy By sunshinelinsayy on
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I wasn't all too pleased with this product, and now I see why it was on sale at Walgreens. You're given a bottle, with instructions to take two pills one hour before every meal, with a maximum of six pills per day. First off, it was hard to remember every time an hour before a meal came up- who eats at the same time every day? The pills were a fairly large size, which was inconvenient but not too bothersome. It claims that after dieting, your metabolism gets used to less food and adjusts itself to need less calories, thus stopping the weight loss, and that these pills help get your metabolism up again. How am I to know my body won't get used to the pills a week into using them, thus making them ineffective as well? When I emailed them about a satisfaction guarantee, I was asked if I looked at the bottle. Of course I had, that's why I was asking. Then they claimed since each individual reacts differently, they can't offer one, but they know it works because they've performed trials that have worked. So I'm supposed to believe them because they say it works....?? Then, once trying the pills, sticking to the reccomended dosage as best I could in my busy life, I noticed little change. I was a tad bit more awake, but that could have been due to my extra hours of sleep. I didn't lose much of any weight, maybe a few ounces, probably due to water weight. What it came down to was this: if I had paid full price, it most definitely would have been a waste of my money. I could have bought caffene pills for cheaper with the same or even better affect. Don't waste your money on these, especially with the poor service that comes with them.