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Metal Gear Solid 3

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By nemesisofmoles on
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The Metal Gear series has been around for a while, ranging from the NES to the soon to be released PS3 version. The series has always been praised for the new ideas and great new concepts it brings to the gaming world and Metal Gear Solid 3 is no differnt.

Dispite the fact you techniquly do not play as snake anymore (instead playing as his genetic clone dad), you still have the feeling of being a badass super undercover agent compared to MGS2 where you were a platinum blonde pansy who was just a Snake wannabe. the fact that you have this feeling only makes the great game better.

Starting with all the new fetures added, the game has been completely overhauled, no more will you be crawling around in tunnels and vents, now you are hunting in the jungle and forest. The two main new things to make it to the series are the camo index and the food. Camo index is How well you can be seen. you can modify this by changing your camo gear, face paint and evnviroment to complement one an other, for example you do not want Fire-Brick in the green forest.

The food system has a love-hate reputation, some hate it and some love it. I found it quite a good addition to the series, it makes you think and forces you to be a hunter which gives you evern more challenges. over all it is a great idea that i think was implemented well.

Other than these, It is basicly the same game as MGS2, but much better. Better boss battles, better weapons, better everything.

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