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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was easily one of the best games of 2004. The game featured a compelling storyline typical of the series and it's trademark mix of action and stealth gameplay. Snake Eater introduced a variety of new features such as a new Close Quarters Combat system (Known as CQC) which allows the player to perform some close range knife + gun combat techniques that were very effective in the game's rich jungle environments.

Snake Eater also featured a new camouflage system that allows players to hide in plain sight by changing their camouflaging to blend in with their environments. In addition to these new features was the brand new survival system which had players maintaining their health and stamina by capturing food and uncovering supplies out in the wild, as well as tending to injuries using various medical supplies. These new features, along with intense boss battles and deep gameplay mechanics alow the player to experience a truly great and memorable gaming experience.

With subsistence, an expanded version of Snake Eater, Konami has gone all out and updated the Metal Gear Solid 3 engine with new features, including a new 3rd person camera, (a first in the series) online play, a cutscene cinema, various gameplay modes and tons of unlockables. Those who missed out on the first release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will have a full plate ahead of them.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence contains two discs. Disc one, titled "Subsistence" contains Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which allows you to switch between the new 3rd person camera view or the original fixed camera in real-time. The new camera gives the feel of a whole new game, allowing players the freedom to view the rich, jungle environments any way they please. Using the 3rd person camera in Subsistence, players can easily switch between the game's original bird-eye view and the new 3rd person view on the fly by clicking the R3 button during gameplay. While in third person view mode, players are provided with more control over the camera, allowing them to rotate the camera view around Snake in various directions.

The second disc, titled "Persistence" packs a real punch. Not only does it contain Metal Gear Online, but a host of fun extras as well. Metal Gear Online is a fun, rewarding, sometimes lengthy experience. There are also special sets of camouflage available for download from the game disc.

Metal Gear Online contains five different game modes which players can select from a host list in the game's lobby menu. After choosing your optional settings and selecting a game type, players will be able to play multiple game types.

Deathmatch: An every-man-for-himself battle to the death.

Team Deathmatch: A deathmatch where two teams who fight to reach the score limit.

Sneaking Mission: One player is in the role of Snake, who must steal a microfilm and reach the goal before the other players take him out.

Rescue: One team must rescue a toy duck and carry it to their base, while the other team guards the duck to prevent it.

Capture: Two teams must capture and fight for control over a toy frog. The team which can keep the object at their base point for a certain ammount of time wins.

The online mode has since been shut down, but Subsistence still remains an amazing experience. All of this comes in a dual-disc DVD case for a low price of only $39.99 USD. An excellent bundle for long-time fans and series newcomers alike.