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Metallica The Black Album

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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Metallica's self titled album, more commonly known to fans as "The Black Album" is a powerful mastery of musical expression. I love this album! James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammeth, and Jason Newsted make up Metallica's unique sound. I have to be honest; I never was a big fan of heavy metal music until I heard this album.

James Hetfield's vocals are outstanding! The album is very high energy and has shorter songs than what the band usually writes, however the rhythms have a very heavy tone to them and there is a very deep story line to each song. This album has the best songwriting that I have ever heard from the band.

The music itself is very full and very intensively guitar based and more mature in tone. It almost seems as though this album has become a turning point in their musical career. Many fans state that it is a controversial album, but I see it as the best performance ever vocalized by a band in the heavy metal genre. The musical content truly shows talent and ambition to get the point of their story and sound out to the fans in the most successful way possible.

This awesome album has 12 tracks:

"Enter Sandman""sad But True""Holier Than Thou""The Unforgiven""Wherever I May Roam""Don't Tread On Me""Through the Never""Nothing Else Matters""Of Wolf and Man""The God That Failed""My Friend of Misery""The Struggle Within."If you are someone that is interested in embracing the sound of true heavy metal, then this album is a must. When you go to get this album, its name speaks for itself. The album cover is black with a barely noticeable rattlesnake on it. Many say that metal needs to be played very loudly for it to be appreciated, however this specific album can be played loud or quiet, and you'll get the same effect either way.

I purchased this CD at Best Buy for $12.